The Czar, The River, and the Thistle

Springtime in the southern plains. Although the days of the black dusters have long-since passed, March and April still bring with them the ferocious winds that once doomed the barren grasslands. While gone are the dunes that once piled against fences and buried unfortunate automobiles, stick around long enough and you might still see a … Continue reading The Czar, The River, and the Thistle

Einstein’s “Greatest Mistake”

March 14 marks 140 years since the birth of Albert Einstein, the renown physicist, Nobel Prize winner, and father of the atomic age. Or was he? Although the first two labels are most certainly correct, the third moniker--though widely-held--may not be entirely correct. Especially if you ask Einstein himself. Born in Ulm, Germany in 1879 … Continue reading Einstein’s “Greatest Mistake”