The Great American Read

On May 22, PBS is launching an eight-part miniseries called “The Great American Read” which will explore the power of reading as told through the lens of America’s 100 most-loved books. Each episode will focus on readers, writers, and the impact of selected works on our country and culture.  The list of 100 (which you can find here ) was determined by a national survey and the miniseries will culminate with the revealing of America’s #1 most-loved book.

I. Can’t. Wait.

It probably comes as no surprise to you that I’m a voracious reader. I am the type of person who finishes one book and immediately picks up another. I even majored in English in college because I knew I could succeed in a course study that pretty much only involved reading books and then writing about them. But I was surprised by how many of the books on this list I hadn’t read. It was an insult to my bookworm badge of honor.

So I’ve made it my goal to read every book on this list by the end of the year. Some of them have been on my “to-read” list for years. Some of them I’ve never heard of. And some of them are going to be a struggle (Fifty Shades of Gray? Really, America? Really?) But I’m excited to see what gems have been hiding behind my unwillingness to read certain genres or my flat-out stubbornness when it comes to slogging through meaty, dated classics.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll find my new favorite book in Ernest Hemingway.

Or Nicholas Sparks.

Let me know in the comments if you plan on reading along! I’d love to hear what you think of the list. If you want to learn more about the Great American Read, you can find it here.

In the meantime, be sure to tune into your local PBS station on May 22 at 8/7c and happy reading!


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